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The Team

Hamutal Dadia is OtheReality's CEO, with more than 25 years of experience as a Human Resources Manager including 13 years in Unilever as the Head of HR of Israel's office and HR Director at their Finance Global Functions in London. Hamutal holds a BA in Psychology and an MA degree in Gender studies​


Prof. Motti Neiger, OtheReality's COO, and co-founder is a communication scholar, Prof. at the School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University. Served as the President of the Israel Communication Association and Head of "Communication & Society" Curriculum Committee at the Israeli Ministry of Education, brings broad experience with the educational system, and he is responsible for the development of the pedagogical materials.

Yair Neiger, OtheReality's CMO, co-founder, and former CEO is an active-duty soldier in the IDF. Yair completed the Elite Entrepreneurship course at Tel-Aviv U., presented numerous times before educators, students, and entrepreneurs on his venture and served as a mentor in hackathons around Israel. Yair is the youngest entrepreneur ever to be admitted to MassChallenge IL and the program's youngest ever winner (MC 2017IL cohort). 

Empathy Booster Platform

VR technology's most compelling feature is to serve as an "empathy booster" by allowing the user to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. OtheReality’s products are taking advantage of this psychological impact to provide a powerful experience in short VR clips from a first-person point-of-view (e.g., seeing the world through the eyes of a woman who is being harassed). This powerful exposure allows the users – corporates' employees and managers, staff in academia, or high-school students – to get as close as possible to understanding the harassed, bullied, and shamed. Accompanied by training applications and workshops, this complete training package facilitates a uniquely immersive experience, which enables the perceiving of the emotional implications of improper behavior, whilst encouraging the adoption of an adequate course of action.