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In the #MeToo era, social empathy and organizational mitigation of harassment, bullying, and shaming is more important than ever. The common approach of corporates' legal compliance and ethical goals has failed to instill empathy, regardless of non-compliance penalties, code of conduct violation suits, angry worker and student walkouts, reputational damage and firms’ share value drop.

At OtheReality our goal is to boost empathy with Virtual Reality content, that allows students and employees to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes". For example, allowing a male to experience harassment through the eyes of a female. 

This immersive exposure, directed to the hearts and minds of the digital generation, combined with a full instructional program leads to an effective experience that is as close as it gets to understand the harassed, bullied and shamed.

With OtheReality, MeToo moves from a hashtag to an empathic moment.

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Mission & Vision


Our day-to-day reality is abundant with prejudice, intolerance and misconceptions regarding “The Others” in society, and yet the education system is unsuccessful in creating empathy and understanding, fails to capture students’ attention, and the lessons regarding social issues are ineffective. 


For educators and HR trainers in need of revolutionary ways of reaching out and teaching students and employees, OtheReality is offering a proven tool, based on VR clips and a complete educational program to accompany them. The VR clips allow the user to bridge the gap between his perceptions of reality and Other's perceptions of reality. 


VR technology is being developed in the entertainment/gaming industries, on the one hand, and as a social psychology and healthcare tool, on the other. These applications for VR make use of the proven immersive experience, and yet, the usage of this technology for the education and training system is still underdeveloped; this is where OtheReality finds its niche. 

Our first product is a short VR clip accompanied by a full workshop (1.5 hours),  dealing with the timely question "when does a compliment become sexual harassment". This product provides a unique glance to experience the world through the eyes of a 16 years-old female teenager. We recently completed pilot-testing the materials of our first product in schools across Israel. Independent research behind the pilot conducted by The Henrietta Szold Institute, the leading establishment in Israel for evaluating educational programs, found that 90% of the dozens of teenagers surveyed and interviewed reported that OtheReality tools are effective and provide a better experience compared with any other class dealing with sexual harassment! VR does work as an empathy booster that enhances the discourse on the topic. Furthermore, over 70% agreed that the VR experience allowed them to a great extent to identify with the female character in the VR clip,  while only 4% reported that they could not identify. 

We have many testimonials from students who support our vision that VR can promote positive social change. During the interviews with students, one of the male students told the researchers: "Never in my life had I experience like this. The virtual reality conveys the feelings of what a girl feels when this happens to her. I could identify with the character. It's a real first-hand experience". We've also collected testimonials from the educators of the class that went through the pilot. One educator told us: "Until today, we couldn't manage to talk about harassment with the students, they are eager to share… today they all opened up and spoke about sexual harassment together, it was different and surprising".  




Hamutl Dadia


More than 25 years of experience as Human Resources Manager  including 13 years in Unilever as the Head of HR

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Prof. Motti Neiger


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Yair Neiger

Founder & CMO

OtheReality's Founder & CEO 2016-19

Winner of MassChallenge 2017 IL

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The Team

Communication scholar at Bar-Ilan U., Head of the Media & Society Curriculum Committee in the Israeli Ministry of Education; Former Dean & President of ISCA


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