Our day-to-day reality is abundant with prejudice, intolerance and misconceptions regarding “the others” in society. For educators, in a search for new ways to fight these phenomena, OtheReality is offering a revolutionary tool, based on VR technology and a complete educational program. The VR clips of OtheReality enable students to experience the world through the eyes of others (e.g., males as females, Jews as Arabs, whites as blacks etc. and vice versa). This powerful exposure leads to a meaningful dialogue in class, which, in turn, promotes social change and cultural understanding. Unlike other social-educational programs, OtheReality facilitates a first-hand experience, directed to the hearts and minds of the digital generation, and promotes values and discourse, essential for all of us, who strive for a better world. OtheReality is a non-profit startup.

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Motti Neiger

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When Other's reality, becomes yours.


Yair Neiger